Fall challenge 2020 – Post Mortem (2020-11-20)

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This post is a corrected version of my “Unleash The Geek” Post-Mortem, originally posted here.

Rank: Somewhere over the rainbow league…

First of all, thanks for the contest, it seems to was really fun.

Here’s my PM:

  • 10 days before the contest on the #Fr channel: dwarfie dare me to do the contest in Clojure. That sounds great.
  • The week before the contest: I read Clojure courses, Clojure’s documentation, write some Clojure code, do CG puzzles in Clojure, start a CG multiplayer game in Clojure, sleep in Clojure, eat in Clojure, see parentheses everywhere…
  • Day 1: I discover the rules, seems cool.
  • Day 2: I code my first bot. It seems OK, so I submit it… Bad ! Bad, bad, bad, bad ! What a shame to have such a bad score in wood league! So I look a bunch of replays, and my code seems to timeout at the first turn about 50% of time! And of course, impossible to reproduce in the IDE… But reading the discord, I saw that another player encountered the same issue, and had pushed a simple “BREW 0” in Clojure in the arena with the same result. The staff is on it, I just have to wait…
  • Day 3: No Clojure yet in arena. So I transpose my Clojure code in c++ to reach bronze league and see the full rules.
  • Day 4: Not yet.
  • Day 5: The silver league is open, but I’ll be patient.
  • Day 6: Clojure! Where are you?!
  • Day 7: The gold league is now open, and the doubt assail my mind.
  • Day 8: Should I stay or should I go (in C++) ?
  • Day 9: The legend league is open, and I see my motivation take its flight to better places…
  • Day 10: I start to code a little something in C++, but I don’t have faith.
  • Day 11: I lose myself in my code, and see I will not have the time to finish. So I go to bed.
  • Day 12: I sleep.

Conclusion: Meh.

Anyway. See ya on chat/forum/discord or at the next contest.

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